DVD - Beginner's Guide to Ribbonwork

DVD -  Beginner's Guide to Ribbonwork
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    This DVD is a MUST HAVE ITEM: because it shows so much more than what you ever saw on Helen's seven years of segments on the Carol Duvall Show. Now you can have permanent access to all Helen's ribbon ideas and techniques - all in one DVD, right here, right now. Also note that Helen's technique book - Ribbonwork The Complete Guide - goes hand in hand with this DVD. The techniques in the book are on the DVD.

    "Watching this DVD is like having private lessons with Helen. Fabulous!" Carol Duvall.

    Phyllis Gerhardt (customer): "The DVD is wonderful. I have all of Helen's books and thought I really didn't need the DVD- but oh was I wrong. I found several mistakes I've been making and now seeing Helen make these flowers has shown me what I've been doing wrong. Helen is such an inspiration to me. "

    The DVD covers 24 ribbonwork lessons - that's right 24 lessons! That translates into a whopping 2 hour DVD! This is no whimpy "one topic, one technique" short DVD. You get so much more for your money - and it's money well spent because you get to see Helen actually showing you the techniques that she uses to make her beautiful ribbon flowers - close up! After you've seen all the demonstrations and lessons you'll be really motivated to get out your ribbons and start making ribbon flowers! And what exactly is on this DVD - well . . . .everything! The lessons include - u-gathers, tubes, petals, folding ribbon, and leaves. There are lots of close up, over Helen's shoulder views showing how to do folded roses, vintage flat roses, cabochon roses, coil roses, tea roses, rosettes and all their variations, pansies, poppies, carnations, bachelor buttons, berries, bell flowers, and 5 leaves. There are also three design segments.

    Note: If you don't have any ribbonwork supplies or books yet, then check out the suggestions below.
    FYI: This DVD is not found in stores or other online stores - it's exclusive to Helen Gibb Design, Inc.

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